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ZM 305

The ZM305 Standard weight indicator is ideal for floor scales, batching, vessels and for in motion conveyors.

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ZM 303

The ZM303 is an everyday indicator available in aluminum or IP69K stainless steel, with a choice of industry leading displays.

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ZM 301

An industry-leading, everyday indicator available an aluminum or IP69K stainless steel with a choice of industry leading display technologies

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ZM 205

At a busy airport check-in desk, speed and accuracy are vital. Fast, precise processing of baggage can have a direct impact on revenue, health and safety and customer service. The ZM205 meets these needs by providing fast, accurate weight readings. The ZM205 includes both operator-facing and passenger-facing display units and is designed to interface with a wide range of scale bases, PCs and printers.

ZM 201

ZM201 Series indicators are ideal for applications that require a basic weighing indicator for performing Zero, Tare and Print functions. Their simple yet powerful design makes them the perfect choice for connecting with bench, platform or floor scale and bin/tank/hopper (vessel) scales.


If increasing the role of automation in your process is essential to improving your productivity, you are probably already exploring smarter machines and faster, more versatile networks. The task of maintaining effective weight data management and process control is a mission ideally suited to the E1310 Programmable Indicator/Controller.

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460, 560, 660 Series

The complete line of 460, 560, and 660 Series Indicators, with progressive levels of performance, allow you to select a model that best fits your needs. Whether you’re on the farm or in a processing plant, our instruments are built and tested to withstand the most severe environments while delivering precision weighing accuracy

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The Model 350 I.S. and Model 355 I.S. are designed to be intrinsically safe in hazardous environments and meet global standards in metrology and electrical safety with precision weighing. Smart features such as quick calibration, fast update rate, and process control configuration offer value-added flexibility. They are designed for use in multi-level applications and provide operator access for monitoring and controlling actions based on weight values.