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Motoweigh Washdown Solutions

The MotoWeigh IMW-HD offers industrial strength with uncompromising accuracy. Its flexure base scale design enhances the system's structural strength, digital stability, weight reading accuracy, and ability to adapt to application requirements. Because of the flexure base, the MotoWeigh IMW-HD's scale edges and corners are the strongest areas on the scale structure—ideal for in-motion weighing where loads are applied on one edge of the scale and moved to the other.

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Food Scales

Bci Belt Scale in Motion System

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers a broad delivery program of belt scales. Six different models guarantee the possibility of one or more alternatives for every application. Within different markets, there are many ways to use a belt scale to measure the actual flow on a conveyer belt which can also be used for dosing your product. Examples of markets in which belt scales are frequently used are the food, recycling, chemical, and tobacco industries, steel, animal feed, and compost production, sand and gravel quarries and harbor logistics.
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Bci Belt Scale

Experience durability and accuracy with Rice Lake’s rugged BCi belt scale weigh frame. Built to last, the BCi is one of the most accurate belt scales in its class. Ideal for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control operations and load-out applications, the BCi easily handles capacities up to 10,000 tons per hour with unsurpassed accuracy.

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