The ZM400 series are IP69K certified Indicators with 304 brushed stainless steel. Designed for long service in extreme conditions, including corrosive environments and frequent, heavy washdown, these Indicators are available in desk, wall or column mount versions.

  1. Features


    The ZM401 weight Indicator features six operational keys, including Zero, Print, Units, Tare, Select and F1. Built-in operational routines or applications can be configured at the time of installation, tailored to your requirements.

    The addition of a more comprehensive 24 key alphanumeric keypad allows ZM405 Indicator users to store multiple tares and alpha numeric IDs in the internal memory for easy retrieval and for simple entry of values. Both models also support the addition of a USB keyboard.

    Exceptional flexibility

    At their simplest, the ZM401 and ZM405 weight Indicators are compatible with a wide range of weighing platforms: bench and floor scales, truck scales, scales for batching, counting and checkweighing.

    Dot-matrix graphical display

    High contrast, nine segment IBN display technology provides excellent color contrast and enhanced viewing angles.

  2. Specifications

    Multi-scale input

    Supports up to 16 analog weight sensors and can receive two scale input signals,allowing users to collect and manipulate data from more than one scale at a time.

    High Connectivity Indicators

    The ZM400 series of Indicators offers multiconnectivity, ensuring compatibility and
    communication between old and new peripheral technologies.

    An Ethernet port is included as standard, two RS232 serial interface ports provide data transfer to older equipment and a USB host port facilitates communication with printer or keyboard and data transfer via a USB storage device.

    Analog output, USB device, Current Loop, RS485/ RS422 and Ethernet wireless options are also available.

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