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When it comes to the scrap and recycling industries, strength, durability and accurate performance are key qualities to ensure long-lasting weighing equipment in demanding environments. NT Scales offers a broad selection of heavy-duty products ideal for material handling and scrap/recycling processing applications. From our rugged rail scales and tough truck scales. to our intuitive indicators/controllers, NT Scales products provide solutions to lower inefficiencies in scrap and recycling operations, and ultimately, lift profits.

NT Scales onboard weighing systems for roll-off trucks and garbage packers streamline the scrap hauling process by bringing the scale to the product. With a variety of solutions for straight-truck, semi-trailer, tipping and roll-off trucks, NT Scales onboard systems offer versatility for many forms of scrap-hauling. Paired with cab-mounted digital weight displays, onboard weighing systems allow operators to record load data accurately with confidence.

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Benchmark Series Mid to High Capacity

For mobility and convenience, bench scales offer ideal features that are adaptable to a wide range of applications. Rice Lake's diverse bench scale selection offers a product for almost any conceivable capacity or requirement.

Benchmark Series Light Capacity

The benchmark SL series offers remarkable precision and a sanitary surface for light capacity bench-top weighing.

920I HMI

Rice lake’s 920i high-powered programmable digital weight indicator and controller automates complex industrial processes with a simplified user interface
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Steel Scales
Scale Indicators


Rice lake’s 880 performance series digital weight indicators and controllers are packed with power and accommodate a range of connectivity—from usb and rs-232/rs-485 to ethernet tcp/ip.

480 Legend

Legend series digital weight indicators are designed for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces with rugged nema type 4x/ip66 stainless steel washdown enclosures.

At North Texas Scales. we can provide you with... Food Scales
Steel Scales
Scale Indicators

Rough Deck HP

The RoughDeck HP’s best-in-class features are enhanced to deliver more reliability and higher performance than ever before. Available in 1,000 to 10,000 pound capacities, the RoughDeck HP is the industry leader for precision weighing in Legal for Trade applications. Click for Scale Rental Program from NT Scales

EZ Mount

The EZ Mount 1 Series weigh module utilizes the double-ended beam design with an articulating top plate to provide superior accuracy in any loading condition.

Survivor Rail-Truck Scale

The SURVIVOR RT rail scale is a pit-type, Legal for Trade rail and truck combination scale, incorporating a rugged, accurate, heavy-duty weighing system with Rice Lake's best-in-class weighbridge design.

Survivor Low Profile Rail Scale

The SURVIVOR PL is a low-profile, pitless modular railroad track scale, excelling in high-accuracy, Legal for Trade weighing applications.

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