Hydraulic Scales

Tank 60 120v

The LIFEMOUNT Series 60-120 tank and hopper weigh system is designed for indoor or outdoor installation with 1,000 to 20,000 pound gross capacity. The design provides long life and unmatched performance in both static and dynamic installations to meet or exceed NIST H-44 accuracy requirements.

Tank 60 102v6

Lifemount Series 60-102S Provides long life and Unmatched Performance for static vessel weighing applications .it is designed for indoor use in low to medium weight range applications.The load cells are Hydrostatic and immune to water and electrical damage.

Load Cell Permacell

The permacell Series is 136 a precision,long-life Hydrostatic compression load cell. It has a self-restoring column load head,engineered for extreame Heavy-duty Usage.

Floor 709

The Models 709 and 710 are extremely rugged floor scales, designed for accuracy and maximum durability, even in the harshest environments. A special version of this scale is permanently submerged in salt water at Sea World to weigh Killer Whales.

Floor 708

The series 708-floor scale Uses Hydrostatic load cell technology to provide maximum durability and sustained accuracy. Even in the harshest applications.

Roadweigh Quick Clean

Hytronic Technology, a combination of the most advanced hydrostatic and electronic weighing technologies known today, has enabled Emery Winslow Scale to develop a truck scale that can guarantee you the best service and satisfaction available.