Load Cell Permacell


The permacell Series is 136 a precision,long-life Hydrostatic compression load cell. It has a self-restoring column load head,engineered for extreame Heavy-duty Usage.

  1. Features
    • Immune to Lightning and Power Surges.
    • Operates Safely in Hazardous/ explosives Areas
    • Withstands Shock load and Vibrations.
    • Immune to effects From RFI / EMI.
    • Sustained Accuracy and Calibration.
    • Virtual elimination Of Downtime.
  2. Specifications
    Non Linearity:

    0.015% FS


    0.015% FS


    0.0003% of Capacity

    Temperature Range(Operating):

    -25°F to 500°F

    Temperature Effect 14F to 104F:

    Zero Shift:0.0007% FS per °F

    Span Shift: 0.0007% FS load per °F

    Side load effect per 10% of Capacity:

    0.1% of FS

    Deflation at Full capacity:

    .0002 inches

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