Conveyor Scales


Reduces labor costs and increases weighing accuracy of discrete units in food plant and general industrial applications

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Food Scales

  1. Features
    • Stainless or carbon steel construction.
    • Self-contained, Freestanding, self-powered design.
    • Weighbar accuracy and reliability.
    • Fully automatic.
    • USDA approved Belting, acetal flush grid with 31%
      open area for easy maintenance.
  2. Specifications

    100 and 200 lb models


    Typically 0.1% or better but accuracy is dependent on the application (belt speed, conveyor length, etc). Consult factory for specific application.

     Belt speed:

    Up to 220 ft/min.


    Sizes from 12” – 36” wide by 36” – 60” lengths with three adjustable height ranges covering 18” to 45” Motor: 1/3 Hp

    Power requirements:

    120/220 VAC single phase, 220/440 VAC three phase, or variable speed with controller (120VAC)


    Two year limited warranty applies

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