The RoughDeck HP’s best-in-class features are enhanced to deliver more reliability and higher performance than ever before. Available in 1,000 to 10,000 pound capacities, the RoughDeck HP is the industry leader for precision weighing in Legal for Trade applications. Click for Scale Rental Program from NT Scales

  1. Specifications

    End Load Capacity:
    200% full scale at 1,000 lb
    100% full scale at 2,000 lb, and 5,000 lb
    80% full scale at 10,000 lb

    Cable Length:
    20 ft (6.1m) for connecting junction box to indicator

    Threaded Eyebolt:
    Hole (1/2-20NF) located in center of deck for easy lifting

    Warranty (limited):
    RoughDeck HP weldment five years, load cells two years, all other components one year

    NTEP CC 92-001, Class III 5000d
    Measurement Canada AM-4827, Class

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