Want To Know How Often Should You Calibrate Your Scales?

Calibrate Your Scales

If any part of your business relies on scales for operations, you need to make sure that you Calibrate Your Scales. While your scale may be one of the best on the market, it won’t stay calibrated all on its own – regular use will affect its accuracy no matter how infrequently you use the scale. And deteriorating accuracy translates to poor product quality, rejected batches, or product recalls – which means you lose time and lots of money.

So, if calibrating your scale is so important, how often should you calibrate you scales? Unfortunately, the answer is not “one size fits all.” It depends on several different factors. Not to worry, though! We’ve gathered a list of the most common ones to help you find the best calibration schedule for your needs. These are the times you should schedule a certified calibration for your scales.

When the Manufacturer Recommends It

Every scale comes with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and that includes a suggestion for how often your particular scale should be calibrated. Check the manufacturer’s instructions online or call them directly to find out how frequently a professional service technician should calibrate that model.

When the Scale is Used Frequently

If you use your scale every hour of every day (or close to it), the usual wear and tear take a toll much quicker than with scales that are used once a week. Consider scheduling a certified calibration every other month or even once per month if your scale is under constant stress, and conduct a user spot check every week.

When the Scale is Exposed to Harsh Elements

If your scale is constantly exposed to substances such as metal shavings, fluids, dirt, and excess dust, there could be a buildup of those elements causing inaccuracy with your scale. Even if you clean your scale and maintain it regularly, it can still fall out of calibration due to the work environment. Schedule a routine calibration, quarterly or a couple of times per year, to keep your scale at peak performance.

When the Scale Endures Extreme Stress

Industrial scales can withstand a lot, so what do we mean by “extreme stress”? Voltage surges, shock loading, poor handling, and excessive vibrations can cause significant issues with your scale’s accuracy, no matter how tough it is. To make sure you’re getting a precise weight, schedule a quarterly certified calibration.

When You Purchase a New Scale and When You Should Calibrate Your Scales

Just because your scale is brand new doesn’t mean that it’s ready to go the moment it arrives. Shipping a scale from a warehouse to your location means that the scale will be under duress along the way, which can change the scale’s calibration. Once you have a delivery date for your new scale, schedule a same-day or next-day calibration to make sure your scale is accurate from the start.

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