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    Scrap Solutions

    When it comes to the scrap and recycling industries, strength, durability and accurate performance are key qualities to ensure long-lasting weighing equipment in demanding environments. North Texas Scales offers a broad selection of heavy-duty products ideal for material handling and scrap/recycling processing applications. From our rugged rail scales and tough truck scales, to our intuitive indicators/controllers, our products provide solutions to lower inefficiencies in scrap and recycling operations, and ultimately, lift profits.

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    Forklift Scales

    Logistic departments require durable equipment to simplify material handling processes, enhance shipping efficiency and maintain postal compliance. North Texas Scales offers the highest-quality and most cutting-edge weight-related and measurement tools for the logistics industry—all backed by legendary support. Our CLS cargo lift scale forklift attachment enhances efficiency in any shipping department and loading bay terminal. The CLS allows LTL freight material handlers to weigh pallets during the material handling process, saving time and money. CLS forklift scale attachments mount directly to any Class II or Class III forklift and are built with the utmost quality in product design. Used in conjunction with an dimension 400 LTL dimensioning system, the CLS provides logistic operators and managers accurate weight and dimensional data to ship pallets with confidence.

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    Frac & Energy

    The energy industry is tough work that needs scale equipment to stand up to the challenges of long-use, demanding materials and harsh conditions with uncompromising accuracy. From fracking and coal mining to natural gas, renewable energy and petroleum, North Texas Scales has developed a series of scale and process control products built tough for the heavy-duty and precise requirements in energy operations.

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    Waste and Recycling

    The waste industry demands heavy-duty scale equipment built to survive long periods of service and harsh environments. From truck scales and on-board weighing systems to indicators/controllers and process control equipment, North Texas Scales offers several heavy-duty weighing products ideal for the waste industry.

    For waste hauling and transfer stations, our truck scales provide extreme durability and unbeatable accuracy. With 30% more steel than most competitive models, SURVIVOR truck scales are built tough from start to finish, ensuring utmost support for waste-hauling and weighing operations. Paired with automated ticketing systems and kiosks, vehicle throughput is increased and drivers stay in their cabs—enhancing safety for all.

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