Bci Belt Scale in Motion System


Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers a broad delivery program of belt scales. Six different models guarantee the possibility of one or more alternatives for every application. Within different markets, there are many ways to use a belt scale to measure the actual flow on a conveyer belt which can also be used for dosing your product. Examples of markets in which belt scales are frequently used are the food, recycling, chemical, and tobacco industries, steel, animal feed, and compost production, sand and gravel quarries and harbor logistics.
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  1. Features

    221DB Master Belt Scale Weigh Frame

    • Weigh frame is mounted on outside of the conveyor
    • Minimum modifications to conveyor are required
    • Service friendly
    • Friction-free pivot supports
    • Two support beams
    • Fits standard conveyors – mounts with four bolts per assembly

    311M Master™ Belt Scale Weigh Frame

    • Semi-modular weigh frame design
    • Weigh frame without moving parts
    • Fits standard conveyors
    • Mounts with four bolts
    • Requires weigh frame cutting for proper fit
    • Minimum modifications to conveyor required.

    211 Master Belt Scale Weigh Frame

    • Friction-free pivot points
    • One load cell carrier beam
    • Fits standard conveyors
    • Custom built for each application
  2. Specifications
    211 Master Belt Scale 311 M Master Belt Scale  211 DB Master Belt Scale 
    Conveyor Width: 20 in to 80 in (500 mm to 2,000 mm) Conveyor Width: 18 in in to 36 in Conveyor Width: 18 in to 72 in
    Inclination: Maximum 25 degrees Inclination: Maximum 12 degrees Inclination: Maximum 25 degrees
    Load Cell:RL20001 alloy steel, s-beam (capacity selected from application) Load Cell: RL1250: 50 kg, 100 kg, 250 kg Load Cell: RLHBB: 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg
    Capacity: 3,300 tons per hour Capacity:1,500 tons per hour Capacity: 3,300 tons per hour
    Material:Powder coated mild steel Material:Powder coated mild steel Material:Powder coated mild steel
    Maximum Belt Speed:
    800 feet per minute (4 m/s)
    Belt Speed:Maximum 400 feet per minute (2 m/s) Belt Speed: 800 feet per minute (4 m/s)
    Accuracy System:0.5% Accuracy System:1% Accuracy System: 0.5-1%


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