The Chute Weigh system is ideally suited for conversion of amanual or hydraulic livestock squeeze chute into a workinglivestock scale. Installation can be portable or permanentdepending on specific application.
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  1. Features
    Wide range of capacities – 3500 lb (1700 kg) 5,000 lb (2500 kg) or 10,000 lb (5000 kg) gross weighing capacity.
    Low profile – Less than 3.50 in (8.89 cm) high.
    55 pounds. You can set it in place without ramps or recessed
    floors because it’s only 1.75 in (4.45 cm) tall.
    Heavy-duty construction – Super heavy-duty steel chassis construction.
    Easy mounting– Mounting under manual or hydraulic livestock squeeze chutes.
    Weigh Bar cables –Tough polyurethane weigh bar cables.
    Weatherproof construction – Aerospace-developed sealing agent provides ultimate protection against moisture and ensures long term durability in harsh agricultural environment.
    Herd management – Weight indicator is compatible with various herd management EID software packages.
    Bluetooth –  Connect to PC with optional RM-110
  2. Specifications

    Capacity: CW-10: 10,000 lb (4536 kg) per set.
    5000 lb (2268 kg) each Weigh Bar.
    CW-5: 5000 lb (2268 kg) capacity per set.
    2500 lb (1134 kg) each Weigh Bar.
    CW-3.5: 3500 lb (1588 kg) capacity per set.
    1750 lb (794 kg) each Weigh Bar.

    Material: Alloy Steel Weigh Bars
    FinishGray baked-on powder paint
    Accuracy: ± 0.25%
    System Output: : 0.38 mV/V @ 5,000 lb (2268 kg) for each system of 2 Weigh Bars.
    Input Resistance: 350 ohms ± 20 ohms.
    Zero Balance: ± 0.5 mV/V.
    Cable Length:  20 ft (610 cm) with standard Avery Weigh-Tronix 5-pin cable
    Shipping WeightCW-3.5: 24 lb (11 kg) for each Weigh Bar unit
    CW-5: 32 lb (14.5 kg) for each Weigh Bar unit
    CW-10: 61 lb (28 kg) for each Weigh Bar unit
    Warranty: Three years

    Power Options:

    • Power cable: 12 VDC power cable for external battery.
    • Internal rechargable Lithium-Ion Battery (640M only)
    • Transformer: 115VAC wall mount transformer.

    Pin Connector Color Code:


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