Avery Weigh-Tronix remote displays allow clear, comfortable viewing of scale information at considerable distances, indoors and outdoors. Popular options such as wireless RF connectivity and integrated traffic light are available.

  1. Features
    Super Bright LED Display: High quality display is clearly visible in any lighting condition. Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for night and day. Highly efficient LEDs virtually never need replacement and lower energy costs.
    Auto-Learn Technology: Connect the remote to virtually any instrument and it will automatically learn the data string and communicate, reducing set-up time.
    Integrated Traffic Light: Built-in red/green traffic light on XR 4500TL (only). No need to install a separate traffic light.
    Easy Servicability: The electronics carriage is easy to remove and service outside of the enclosure without demounting the entire unit.
    Mirrored Display Mode: For units that will be viewed in rear-view or side-view mirrors.
    Pre-installed Utility Programs: Extremely flexible in many applications from axle weighing and totalizing to cattle auctioning.
    Time and Date Display: Standard feature on all units except XR 2000. Time and date will display during periods of scale inactivity.
    External Keypad: Easy to change settings or adjust time and date without opening the unit. No internal dip switches or jumper wires to mess with.
  2. Specifications

    Input — 90 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
    115/230VAC auto-sensing power supply
    Consumption — 25 watt (60 watt max)

    Display Characters: 
    6 digit, 7 segment, high intensity (Precision Optical Performance) red LED lamps.
    XR 2000: 2” characters, 60 ft viewing range, up to 5 decimals
    XR 4500 / XR 4500TL: 4.5” characters, 275 ft viewing, 1 or 2 decimals
    XR 6500: 6.5” characters, 325 ft viewing range, 1 or 2 decimals Alphanumeric, full 5×7 matrix.
    XR 12M: Twelve 3.5” characters, 200 ft viewing
    XR 8M: Eight 4” characters, 250 ft viewing range

    Input Data Interface: 
    RS-232, RS-485, 20mA current loop (active or passive), wireless RF

    Data Format: 
    Baud rates — 300 to 19,200, Auto-Learning or selectable
    7 or 8 data bits; even, odd, or no parity; 1 or 2 stop bits, Auto-Learning or selectable

    Output Interface: 
    Echo out port – RS-232

    Continuous or demand, selectable Operating Environment
    -40° F to 120° F (-40° C to 50° C), 0% to 100% humidity, non condensing
    Weatherproof, powder-coated, mild steel
    Non-glare, contrast lens

    Shipping Weight: 
    XR 8M: 28 lb (13 kg)
    XR 12M: 28 lb (13 kg)
    XR 2000: 6 lb (3 kg)
    XR 4500: 18 lb (9 kg)
    XR 4500TL / XR 6500: 28 lb (13 kg)

    2 year limited

    XR 8M / XR 12M: 32” W x 10.25” H x 3.5” D (812.8 mm x 260 mm x 89 mm)
    XR 2000: 12.88” W x 6” H x 2.25” D (326.4 mm x 152.4 mm x 57.2 mm)
    XR 4500: 24” W x 10.125” H x 3.5” D (609.6 mm x 257 mm x 89 mm)
    XR 4500TL / XR 6500: 32” W x 13” H x 3.5” D (812.8 mm x 330.2 mm x 89 mm)

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