Torsion Base


Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 3-A, the torsion base BSF and BSG are ideal bench bases for use within all types of food environments.

  1. Features

    The rugged torsion base design and innovative Breakaway
    Load Transfer system help to transfer shock loads and overloads away from the load cell, offering up to 500%
    overload protection and guaranteeing accuracy and reliability even in the toughest environments.
    Legal for trade and available in a range of base sizes, accuracies and capacities, this fully washdown IP69K torsion bench base is stainless steel and constructed with minimal food trap areas for ease of cleaning.

  2. Specifications


    Operating Application Designed to operate in a wide range of applications from general use to meat, fish, poultry and dairy processing and dry food applications.
    Load Cell Fitted with IP69K fully stainless steel NTEP approved load cell. Supplied with a 6 wire 10 ft (3 meter) load cell cable.
    Base Construction Carbon steel bases – Carbon steel construction with a high grade powder paint finish understructure and shroud.
    Stainless steel bases – Easy to clean design. Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 3-A. Full stainless steel design,
    constructed from a food- Grade 304 fine brush base with a pickle and electro polish weigh pan ideal for food contact areas.
    Operating Temperature Compliance with legal for trade requirements
    -4° F to 140° F / -20° C to 60° C (industrial)
    10 to 90% humidity
    Load Cell Output 2 mV/V
    Feet Adjustment Captive thread food grade feet with up to ¼ “ (6mm)
    foot adjustment on stainless steel version.
    Overload Protection 500%
    Corner Loading 100%
    IP Protection Available in two torsion bench base models:
    Torsion base BSG IP65 (NEIMA 4X)
    Torsion base BSF IP69K
    Approved Accuracy Model BSG 3000d NTEP (3000d EC /OIML)
    Model BSF 5000d NTEP (3000d EC/ OIML)
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