RW-X Portable Axle Weigher


The RW-X Series Portable Axle Weigher is an economical alternative to full size truck scales. Use on paved or gravel type surfaces. Ideal for weighing tractor trailers, dump trucks, tri/quad axle trucks, concentrated loads, and more. Pads and ramps sold separately.

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  1. Features
    • 60K & 70K lb capacities available
    • Top quality – CAS BSA 10K Load Cells for 60K Sets
    • Stainless Steel NEMA 4X Junction box
    • 1/4” Diamond Tread Deck Plate
    • Up to 150% (RW-X1) & 200% (RW-X2/X3) overload protection
    • Top Access Levelling & Top Access Junction Box
    • RW-X1 – 3” Tubular Steel Construction Standard Levelling Feet
    • RW-X2/X3 – 4” Tubular Steel Construction
  2. Options
    • Ramp with Asphalt Package
    • RW-2601P Indicator
    • Ramp with Hard-Pack Package(Connect up to 6 scales)
    • Pit Frame
    • CI-2001 AS/BS Indicator


    RW-X1 RW-X2/X3
    General Purpose Heavy Duty

    • Tandem Trucks
    • Tractor Trailers
    • Light Dump Trucks

    Heavy Duty

    • Concentrated Loads
    • Tri/Quad Axle Trucks
    • Heavy Duty Applications

     Simple to Install

    Pre-Wired for Easy Installation with Quick Connect Cables

    • Call for custom applications
    •  Portable Axle Weighers & Ramps sold separately


  3. Specifications
    ModelSize (inches)Capacity (lbs)Ship Weight
    RW-X1S32 x 32 x 430K (60K per set)230 lbs
    RW-X1L32 x 84 x 430K (60K per set)575 lbs
    RW-X2S32 x 84 x 630K (60K per set)665 lbs
    RW-X2L32 x 120 x 630K (60K per set)865 lbs
    RW-X3S32 x 84 x 635K (70K per set)665 lbs
    RW-X3L32 x 120 x 635K (70K per set)865 lbs
    OptionsUseSize (inches)Ship Weight
    RW-X1RARamp-Asphalt32 x 36 x 4215 lbs
    RW-X1HPRamp-Hard Pack32 x 36 x 4400 lbs
    RW-X2RARamp-Asphalt32 x 36 x 6225 lbs
    RW-X2HPRamp-Hard Pack32 x 36 x 6425 lbs
    RW-X3RARamp-Asphalt32 x 36 x 6250 lbs
    RW-X3HPRamp-Hard Pack32 x 36 x 6450 lbs
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