RW-P Portable Wheel Weighers


This rugged cast aluminium weighing plate is light enough to be portable yet large enough for any type of vehicle. The bright orange industrial Inlet is baked onto the aluminium alloy chassis. CAS platforms not only look tough. they, built tough ! With a verity of capacities & higher resolutions (11/2000 - 1/25001) the RAW can be used In almost any application.

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  1. Features

    RW-P Road Weigher Platform & Indicator

    • High accuracy
    • Portable
    • By- Wheel Weight or Total Weight
    • Water resistant
    • Advanced Digital Filtering to minimise vibration
    • Test for axle balance & Overload conditions.

    Accessories: Ramps & Cable
    Options: Dummy Plate

    RE-2601P Multi-Platform Indicator

    • Built-in clock
    • 1 Serial port:RS-232
    • Built-in charger and batteries
    • 10 “Vehicle number” Memories
    • High speed dot matrix receipt printer
    • Connect to a PC or a Remote Display
    • Connect up to 6 Platform simultaneously
    • Completely self-contained portable unit
    • Large easy-to-read LCD display with back light
    • Product Weight: 18.7lb/8.5kg
  2. Specifications
    • Rugged Cast Aluminium
    • Designed Specifically for portable
    • Capacity up to easy method of check weighing to eliminate risk of overloading
    • Lightweight. low-profile(only 1.5″ high)
    • Connect up to 6 platforms when using the RW-2601P multi -platform indicator.
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