The Roughdeck QC is a quick clean, stainless steel, lift top floor scale customized for food, chemical and other demanding washdown applications.

  1. Features
    • Rugged washdown design
    • Smooth, 304 stainless steel top deck
    • Rigid 304 stainless steel tube frame
    • Manual drop-in-place safety bar
    • 4 stainless steel, welded seal IP67, shear-beam load cells
    • 20 ft of SURVIVOR® EL147HE hostile environment load cell cable
    • Remote TuffSeal® JB4SS stainless steel NEMA Type 4X junction box
    • 3/16 in thick smooth top plate
    • 4 adjustable stainless steel SUREFOOT support feet
  2. Specifications

    End Load Capacity:
    100% full scale at 2,000 lb and 5,000 lb
    80% full scale at 10,000 lb
    Cable Length:
    20 ft (6.1 m) (for connecting junction box to indicator)

    Remote Junction Box:
    Stainless steel enclosure can be located up to 10 ft away from scale
    Stitch, consult if continuous is required
    Threaded Eyebolt Hole:
    1/2-20 NF located in the center of a deck for easy lifting

    RoughDeck QC weldment five years, load cells two years, all other components one year
    NTEP CC 92-001, Class III 5000 d

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