Low Pro Series


The low profile floor scale has a 2” deck height, making it easy to load and unload goods with forklift and hand trucks.

  1. Features
    • Low profile design.
    • Rugged deck structure.
    • Unmatched durability.
    • Chain link suspension.
    • Robust overload stops
    • Exceptional accuracy
    • Weigh Bar protection
    • Serviceability
    • Inherent protection
  2. Specifications
    Unique sandwich constructed platform area with tread plate in either carbon or stainless steel material. All cabling routed within the assembly to eliminate potential damage from exposed wires.

    Weight sensors:
    Four Weigh Bars

     Weigh Bar output:
    2mV/V- 5000 lb; 10,000 lb; 20,000 lb; 40,000 lb

     Overload protection:

     End loading:

    Meets or exceeds NTEP Class III 5000 division accuracy

    14 to 104ºF (-10 to 40ºC)

    NTEP Certificate of Conformance #88-222

     Interface cable:
    25 ft cable included

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