LaserLight2 Remote Display

1) Available with a 4-in or 6-in display 2) Six high-intensity red digits (double-row discrete LED) 3) Time and date displayed when scale is empty 4)Auto Learn mode of communication protocols

  1. Features

    5) Hold displayed weight (demand input)
    6) Software selectable standstill mode for no updates while in motion
    7) Durable weathertight IP66 enclosure
    8) Adjustable daylight/night intensity
    9) Non-glare contrast filtered lens
    10) Mirror (reverse image) function
    11) RS-232, 20 mA and RS-485 communications
    12) Auto sensing 115/230 VAC power supply
    13) PEMs for VESA flat-wall mount or side-mounting flange
    14) Polyethylene breather vent inhibits internal moisture buildup

  2. Specifications

    6-digit, 7-segment discrete oval red LED lamps
    Contrast enhanced optical filtering lens
    1- or 2- place decimal or comma indication
    4 annunciators for GR, NT, lb, kg
    4-inch red, green ball/arrow in Stop/Go model

    Input Data Format:
    Baud Rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19200 self-learning
    or software selectable
    Character Format:
    7 or 8 data bits; even, odd, or no parity; 1 or 2 stop bits, self-learning or software selectable
    Continuous or out-of-motion only; software selectable
    Power Consumption:
    4 in: 21 watt
    6 in: 27 watt
    Software enable/disable, 12- or 24-hour format
    Software enable/disable, US or ISO format

    Maximum Viewing Distance:
    4 in: 250 ft (75 m)
    6 in: 300 ft (100 m)
    Input Interface:
    RS-232, RS-485, 20 mA current loop (active or passive, switch selectable)
    Output Interface:
    Independently configurable echo out port or RS-232

    IP66 weather tight, mild steel, powder coated
    4-inch (L x H): 22.28 in x 9.8 in
    6-inch (L x H): 30.63 in x 12.77 in
    Stop/Go (L x H): 30.63 in x 12.77 in
    (flanges add 2.00 in width)
    4 in: 20 lb (9 kg)
    6 in: 25 lb (11 kg)
    Operating Temperature Range:
    -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 49°C)
    Two-year limited warranty
    UL/cUL on specific part numbers

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