Designed to exceed the most stringent washdown requirements, the FCQH from Avery Weigh-Tronix is the ideal scale for environments where strict sanitation and hygiene is crucial. The deck includes a semi-open access hinge top design which provides easy access for a complete washdown of the scale.

  1. Features
    • Hermetically-sealed stainless steel Weigh Bars.
    • Stainless steel struts.
    • Safety tread deck plate.
    • Planned maintenance.
    • Remote stainless steel junction box.
    • Drive-on ramps.
    • Pit frames
  2. Specifications
    3/16″ top plate (5000 lb. models) with welded support channels. 10,000 lb. models have ¼” top plate.

    Weight sensors:
    Four IP 68 rated hermetically sealed stainless steel Weigh Bars. FM approved with GSE 350IS / 355IS weight indicator

    Weigh Bar output:

    Overload protection:

    End loading:

    NTEP at 5000 divisions

    14 to 104º F (-10 to 40º C)

    NTEP (CC# 03-003) Factory Mutual Measurement Canada (AM-5484) Interface cable: 25 ft cable included

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