This floor scale’s high steel content, robust top deck structure and side impact protection mean the DS is up and running, with minimal maintenance, when you need it.

  1. Features
    • High steel content.
    • Fast and simple to install
    • Side impact protection.
    • Unique chain link design.
    • Exceptional accuracy.
    • Pit mounting.
    • Axle loading
  2. Specifications
    welded support channels. All cables protected within the deck to eliminate potential damage to wiring.

    2,000/5,000/10,000 lb capacity:
    3⁄16″ top plate

     Weight sensors:
    Four Weigh Bars*

    Weigh Bar output:
    1 or 2mV/V

    Up to 20 VDC (generated by the weight display)

    Lifting positions:
    Over 48″ – 2 lifting eyes each on the short side of the scale.

    Lifting eye size:
    .38-16 UNC or 0.5-13 UNC

    Overload protection:

    End loading:

    14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)

    NTEP Certificate of Conformance #88-221, legal-for-trade at 5,000 divisions Factory Mutual approved Weigh Bars and junction box Add a GSE Model 350IS or 355IS Indicator for a complete system with Factory Mutual approval.

    Industrial Applications: 5,000 divisions
    Non-Industrial Applications: 10,000 divisions

    Interface cable:
    25 ft cable included

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