Batching Weigh Bar System


Are you tired of paying for excess handling of materials, of watching loads hauled from storage bins to distant scales, of inaccurate inventories due to questionable measurement by volume? Is an automated batching system part of your future plans?

  1. Features

    Wide selection of Weigh Bars®

    Avery Weigh-Tronix weighing systems come in sealable (Class III, 5,000d) and non-sealable (0.25% accuracy) versions with capacities from 125 to 200,000 pounds. Avery Weigh-Tronix offers Weigh Bars for both base-mounted and suspended installations.

    Standard Weigh Bars are finished with epoxy paint for corrosion protection. Stainless steel versions1 have also been developed for food processing and chemical applications. The chain link assemblies are well suited for food applications where thorough cleaning and sanitation are essential.

    With its unique self-leveling chain link design, the Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar is ideal for hoppers and silos where vibration and off-center loadings can sometimes be a problem.

    Fast, inexpensive installation
    The Avery Weigh-Tronix bulk weighing systems can be installed quickly and easily, with minimum disruption of your normal business. There are no stay rods to install, no moving parts to adjust or balance.

    Remote weight indication
    The digital weight indicator can be installed anywhere you want it, at the weighing site or at a supervisory station up to 400 feet away. In addition, accessory remote displays with large, 4-inch or 6-inch high digits are available.

    Minimal servicing costs
    Because the system is all electronic, with no shock-sensitive check rods or delicate moving parts to keep adjusted, maintenance is kept to a minimum. This saves you money, not only in service charges, but also in system downtime.

    Multiple bin weighing
    Optional selector boxes make it possible to monitor several bins, one at a time, with a single indicator.

    Relays operate gates or valves, automatically
    The Avery Weigh-Tronix bulk weighing system can be expanded with optional setpoints. These enable the basic system to control loading or unloading of containers with relays that are activated whenever preset weight readings are reached.

  2. Specifications

    General — The Avery Weigh-Tronix Automated Bulk Weighing System is a modular system that can be adapted to your specific requirements. Your Avery Weigh-Tronix dealer will prepare a system proposal based on what you expect from the system. Your order will then be turned over to Avery Weigh-Tronix engineers who will use your equipment’s dimensional drawings to prepare installation instructions for the dealer. The system you purchase will consist of components with the technical specifications listed below.

    Environment — The Automated Bulk Weighing System is designed to operate without modification in the vast majority of industrial and agricultural environments. Where caustic chemicals are present, batching bar components should be sealed in epoxy or otherwise protected by appropriate measures recommended by your Avery Weigh-Tronix dealer. In addition, Avery Weigh-Tronix offers stainless steel Weigh Bars for food and caustic chemical applications.

    Optional enclosures — The Automated Bulk Weighing System’s weight indicator may be ordered with a NEMA 4 watertight stainless steel enclosure. Alternatively, an explosion-proof enclosure may be specified for use in the presence of flammable gases or vapors.

    Accuracy and compliance — When Accuracy Class III Weigh Bars are properly installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, the Automated Bulk Weighing System meets the requirements of NIST Handbook No. 44, as applicable to digital weighing systems. Cert. Numbers for sealable Weigh Bars:

    87-095 — 125- to 250-Ib Weigh Bars

    87-090.A3 — 500- to 50,000-lb Weigh Bars

    Cable lengths — Standard length for both Weigh Bar and interface cables is 25 feet. Optional lengths may be specified.

    • Batching system Weigh Bars (Sealable only)
    • Recommended excitation voltage: 5-20V AC or DC
    • Maximum excitation voltage: 20V AC or DC
    • Input resistance: 350 Ohms +5%/ -1%
    • Output resistance: 350 Ohms ±1%
    • Zero balance: ±1% of rated output
    • Output at rated capacity: 1.015 mV/V or 2.03 ±1%, depending on capacity
    • Non-linearity (maximum): .02% of rated output
    • Repeatability: .02% of rated outputHysteresis (maximum): .03% of rated output
    • Creep (maximum): .05% of rated output in 1 hr
    • Temperature effect on output: (-10°C to +40°C): ±.04% of rated output at 20°C
    • Temperature effect on zero balance: (-10°C to +40°C) 0.7 Vmin/5°C
    • Safe overloading rating: 150%
    • Maximum overload rating: 200%
    • Insulation resistance: 1010 ohms
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