Alley Weigh Floor Scale


The portable Alley Weigh is an economical solution for the growing need for accurate and reliable electronic weighing on the farm. Combine the Alley Weigh with the 640 series indicator’s adjustable filtering and Auto-LOC features for accurate, stable readings despite animal movement.

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  1. Features

    Versatile – The Alley Weigh accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs on the farm. It fits easily into alleyways for weighing market hogs, nursery pigs, or other livestock. Its low profile makes it easy to weigh feed carts and bulk containers. The non-skid surface protects you and your livestock from accidental slips and falls, while the adjustable foot pads allow it to work effectively on uneven floors.
    Portable – The Alley Weigh is easy to move, weighing only 55 pounds. You can set it in place without ramps or recessed floors because it’s only 1.75 in (4.45 cm) tall.
    Economical – The Alley Weigh has no installation costs. And its Weigh Bar® system means there are no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment.
    Accurate – The Alley Weigh gives you consistent accuracy, within 0.5%, and it’s compatible with a number of Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators for fast digital readout.

  2. Specifications

    ALLEY WEIGH DECK with Weigh Bars
    Capacity: 1000 lb (453.6 kg)
    Overall height: 1.75 in (4.45 cm)
    Accuracy: 0.5%
    Deck dimensions20 in x 50 in x 1.25 in (50.8 cm x 127 cm x 3.18 cm)
    Deck material: Carbon steel
    Deck finish: Textured epoxy
    Weight: 55 lb (24.9 kg) Adjustable footpads
    Warranty: One year on deck and bars, three years on indicator

    Weigh Bar dimensions16 in x 1 in x 0.5 in (40.64 cm x 2.54 cm x 1.27 cm)

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