882IS Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight Indicator

SAFE, ACCURATE WEIGHT READINGS IN HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS The intrinsically safe, auto-ranging power supply enables wiring to a single AC conduit line and seal from the safe area. An FM approved, rechargeable battery is also available for isolated power or movable applications. The 882IS utilizes a backlit LCD display to maintain brilliant visibility for user-friendly operation, even in dimly lit areas. Its stainless steel enclosure provides superior protection from the elements.


    Expand flexibility with an optional safe area I/O Module, featuring a serial port, Ethernet TCP/IP and optional analog output or fieldbus cards for communication with printers, computers and other peripherals. A duplex fiber-optic port allows for electrically-isolated communication with the I/O Module. To complete the IS entity approved system, Rice Lake offers FM/ATEX-approved load cells and junction boxes that interface with the 882IS indicator.

  2. Specifications
    • 0.8in, seven-digit, seven-segment LCD display with white LED backlight
    • Stainless steel IP66 enclosure
    • T4 temperature rating
    • Automatic zero and span temperature compensation
    • Excitation for four 350-ohm or eight 700-ohm load cells
    • Tilt stand
    • Numeric keypad (882IS Plus only)
    • Duplex fiber optic interface
    • Power ON/OFF; battery save mode
    • I/O module option: one serial port, optional analog output, optional fieldbus cards, Ethernet TCP/IP
    • Time & date (requires I/O module)
    • FM Entity Approved for use in hazardous locations per Rice Lake Weighing Systems control drawing file number 180948
  3. 882IS/882IS Plus Specifications

    Load Cell Excitation:
    3.0 VDC at 87.5 Ω, 4.6 VDC at 700 Ω

    Decimal Point:
    Configurable with dead zeros

    Stainless steel IP66 enclosure

    Load Cell Current:
    34 mA (4 x 350 Ω load cells) or (8 x 700 Ω load cells)

    Unit Switching:
    Configurable for two units of measurement with front panel operation with conversion for tare and setpoint values

    Optional Battery:
    Operating times: 4 x 350 Ω = 60 hrs.
    1 x 350 Ω = 80-100 hrs. Charging times: 8-10 hrs

    Load Cell Cabling:
    Four and six-wire with remote sensing (recommended)

    Analog Signal Input Range:
    0.6 mV/V – 4.0 mV/V

    Front Panel Control Switches:
    Zero, Gross/Net, Tare, Print, Units Conv, Start, Stop
    882IS Plus: Zero, Gross/Net, Tare, Print, Units Conv, Start, Stop, Full numeric keypad

    6.1 lb (2.8 kg)

    One-year limited warranty

    Analog Signal Sensitivity:
    0.2 μV/graduation minimum
    1.5 μV/graduation recommended

    Front Panel:
    Ten-button plus power button flat membrane panel

    Intrinsic Safety:
    Class I,II,III, Division 1, Groups ABCDEFG T4
    Class I, Zone 0 AEx/Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
    Zone 20 AEx/Ex ia IIIC T135°C Da
    Ta = -10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F)

    10,000 displayed graduations (NTEP Certified),
    1,000,000 expanded
    The maximum number of allowed graduations will vary by application

    Front Panel Annunciators:
    Center Zero, Gross, Net, Motion, lb, kg, oz, g

    Motion Band:
    Configurable to ± 1 or ± 3 graduations, 1 second delay (or Off)

    UL/cUL Listed*
    FM Entity
    Measurement Canada

    Display Increments:
    1, 2, 5

    Power Input:
    5.8-7.9 VDC,100-175 mA
    Maximum power consumption 0.25 watts

    Seven-digit, seven-segment LCD display 121 x 24 dot
    matrix messaging area with white LED backlight

    Operating Temperature:
    14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C) legal

    Electrical Operating Temperature:
    14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C) legal

    *UL is only applicable to 882IS I/O and battery charger

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