460, 560, 660 Series


The complete line of 460, 560, and 660 Series Indicators, with progressive levels of performance, allow you to select a model that best fits your needs. Whether you’re on the farm or in a processing plant, our instruments are built and tested to withstand the most severe environments while delivering precision weighing accuracy

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  1. Features
    Data Management
    Use Rabbet™ Software or User C to define database structure. The database is then managed using the 18 available functions that include; Create, Delete, Recall, Sort, Upload and Download to name a few. The independent databases are specifically useful for applications that recall information from one database and require the transaction or process data to be ­recorded in a separate database file.
    Variable Data Registers
    No application is identical. For that reason, user defined Variable Data Registers (VDR) can be setup as alpha-numeric strings, floats, integers and unsigned integers with variable character length. Label names for VDR’s are infinite so you are only limited to your application requirements and your imagination when configuring the VDR’s.
    Flash Memory Updates
    As new features are added to the firmware, your instrument can be updated with the latest enhancements using GSE Reflash Software. Application files can also be transmitted over any communication ­connection including Ethernet for installations with multiple instruments in various locations.
    Turn-Key Applications
    Common weighing applications such as Batching, Checkweighing, Discharge, Filling and Truck In/Out are resident in the instrument’s ­memory. These full featured applications can be easily modified to better accommodate your needs or a custom program can be written by factory trained Distributors.
    Operator Interface (OI)
    Intuitive equipment operation is important for improving production efficiencies. To guide operators through a series of tasks, custom displayed prompts are easily programmed using Rabbet™ Software or User C. To further improve the OI, key functions can be defined to perform a single task or ­execute multiple tasks with one keystroke
  2. Specifications

    460 Series Indicators

    For applications that require an elevated level of flexibility over elementary weighing indicators, the Model 460 and 465 Indicators are the perfect solution.

    • 15 Variable Data Registers
    • 2 Scale Input Signals
    • 4K Byte Database Memory
    • 8 I/O, Variable Activation and Deactivation States
    • 15 Independent Programmable Database Structures
    • Programmable in C or with Rabbet™ Software

    560 Series Indicators

    When your applications require a more sophisticated operator interface and process control capability, the Model 560 and 562 Indicators deliver enhanced performance and value. These are Programmable in C or with Rabbet™ Software.

    • 100 Variable Data Registers
    • 4 Scale Input Signals
    •  Database Memory expandable to 256K
    • 32 I/O, Variable Activation and Deactivation States
    • 100 Independent Programmable Database Structures

    660 Series Indicators

    Model 660, 662, 663, and 665 Indicators are specifically designed to meet the most demanding applications. Three enclosure configurations and multiple display choices allow you to select the operator interface and controller to best suit your application requirements.

    • 999 Variable Data Registers
    • 8 Scale Input Signals
    • Database Memory expandable to 2M
    • 128 I/O, Variable Activation and Deactivation States
    • PDIO, Programmable Digital Input & Output, controls up to
    • 7 vibratory feeders, accepts input from flow meters and encoders
    • 250 Independent Programmable Database Structures
    • Programmable in C or with Rabbet™ Software
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