DCSB System


The Brecknell DCSB floor scale system meets the demand for a quality scale at a market price…
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  1. Features
    • SBI-521 LED Indicator and floor scale calibrated at the factory prior to shipment
    • Match a capacity and size with SBI-521 LED indicator
    • Units can be placed into service with no on-site installation required
    • A/D conversion rate up to 25 measurements per second
  2. Specifications
    Accuracy: NTEP at 5000 divisions, Class III
    J-Box Access: Top access for easy installation and
    Leveling Feet: Four top access holes for a quick
    Threaded Eye Bolts: Two threaded top access eye-bolt
    holes for easy mobility and pit service
    Corner Protection: Closed corners to prevent damage
    to leveling feet while installing the scale
    Floor Scale Material:
    Construction: Mild steel
    0.25 inch deck with safety tread,
    10K (4′ x 4′; 5′ x 5′)
    0.19 inch deck with safety tread,
    5K (4′ x 4′; 5′ x 5′)
    Finish: Powder coat paint
    Interface Cable Length: 4.5 mm / 15′ with tinned leads
    Rated: IP65
    J-Box Construction: Stainless steel
    Load Cell Material: Alloy tool steel potted
    Load Cell Rated Output: 3mv/V
    Load Cell Output Resistance: 350 ohm
    Overload Protection: 150% of rated capacity
    End Loading: 100% of rated capacity
    Operating Temperature: -10° C to 40° C
    14° F to 104° F
    Certifications: NTEP COC #02-070
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