Our Products – Grid Layout

Rough Deck with Portability Kit Option

Take the stationary RoughDeck® BDP Stainless Steel floor scale where you need it with the optional Portability Kit. Perfect for material handling when fieldwork applications, the compact, low-profile frame showcases a lifting mechanism which, when engaged, allows the operator to move the scale in any direction. The frame also includes brackets for mounting optional access ramps providing maneuverable approaches for any material.

Portable Scale Rough Deck

The RoughDeck® BDP can be used as a stationary or portable scale and features a low-profile design that allows optional access ramps to sit flush with the ground for smooth loading of barrels and drums. The BDP is equipped with live side rails so large items and pallets that exceed the platform dimensions can be accurately weighed.

Portable Beam Scale

Portable beam scales are well known for time-tested reliability and performance, and Rice Lake's RL1200 Series is designed to complement these demands. For agriculture, warehousing, or general industrial weighing, these cost-effective, cast-iron designs deliver the ultimate in portability and durability.

EM Portable Beam Scale

rice lake's rl1200 em portable beam scale is designed for time-tested reliability and performance, delivering the ultimate in portability and durability.

Benchmark HDP

The BenchMark™ HDP portable platform scale, with capacities up to 500 pounds, is the ideal option for lighter industrial and commercial applications. Choose between casters or large rear-mounted wheels. The 304 stainless steel cover is as durable as it is sleek. This NTEP Certified scale is designed with a sturdy mild steel base.

Tank 60 120v

The LIFEMOUNT Series 60-120 tank and hopper weigh system is designed for indoor or outdoor installation with 1,000 to 20,000 pound gross capacity. The design provides long life and unmatched performance in both static and dynamic installations to meet or exceed NIST H-44 accuracy requirements.

Tank 60 102v6

Lifemount Series 60-102S Provides long life and Unmatched Performance for static vessel weighing applications .it is designed for indoor use in low to medium weight range applications.The load cells are Hydrostatic and immune to water and electrical damage.

Load Cell Permacell

The permacell Series is 136 a precision,long-life Hydrostatic compression load cell. It has a self-restoring column load head,engineered for extreame Heavy-duty Usage.